The Future of Physiological Sensing

Overcoming complex cognitive and neuromuscular challenges through wearable sensor systems.

The Challenge

The world of physiologic sensing is expanding at break-neck speed to meet the challenges of wearability under more diverse and challenging applications that accommodate vigorous use, multi-modality integration, and smart operability for the “real world” of sports, clinical care, telehealth, military training, and other uses outside of the traditional laboratory.

Our Vision

We at Altec are designing sensor systems that make our world the new laboratory. Our technologies offer extreme miniaturization for portability, pliable circuits to move with the skin and body contour, and wireless connectivity that integrates diverse sensing modalities.

Our vision includes hardware that either combines complementary modalities on a single sensor (e.g., muscle activity and movement) or software that seamlessly translates the disparate properties of neurologic, cardiopulmonary, muscular, and kinematic signals into real-time outcomes.

Our measure of success is always based on delivering ease of use that does not compromise measurement fidelity.

At Altec, our team pioneers intelligent neural processing systems to transcend scientific and technological barriers.