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Sensor Design Engineer Internship

We are seeking a motivated candidate with a strong interest in instrumentation design, materials for biomedical interfacing and sensing, and design elements of wearable sensors. The candidate will be working with the hardware development team and directly with senior management to evolve the existing product platform to capture new market spaces and to translate advanced research ideas into commercial products. The company embraces a cross-disciplinary approach towards engineering and is focused on developing flexible wearable constructs that fuse multi-sensing modalities, which include neural/EMG sensing, inertial sensing, force sensing, and pressure distribution technologies. Candidates must have a proven track record of solving multi-disciplinary challenges and must exhibit a strong passion for engineering. The position will require exploratory activities to inform research projects, as well as delivering on key tasks for existing products in distribution. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated affinity for analytical thinking, pragmatic problem-solving and hands-on understanding of design processes.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist engineering in designing and building prototypes for research projects and new product concepts.
  • Assist engineering in performing validation activities on new body worn sensors currently under development.
  • Explore materials and novel packaging for established sensing modalities
  • Assist in evaluating material candidates for product applications
  • Originate ideas to shape product definitions and development paths
  • Assist engineering in developing, documenting and validating manufacturing test fixtures for body-worn sensor products.
  • Assist the engineering and research teams in data gathering experiments and data analysis and reporting.

Required Qualifications

The Candidate must:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree in mechanical, materials, chemical, biomedical or similar engineering program.
  • Have a basic understanding of electronics
  • Have a strong interest in all aspects of product design from ideation through release.
  • Be comfortable working with computer aided design (CAD) software
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve problems independently

Preferred Qualifications

Have some prior internship or co-op experience in industry


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