Research Study

We are developing new ways of controlling prosthetic limbs.

We are looking for volunteers with trans radial (forearm) amputation to participate in a research study where sensors will be placed on the forearm of your residual limb to record muscle activity. You will perform simple muscle contractions intended to open and close the hand of your residual limb. A prosthesis is not required. Single or multiple 2-3 hour recording sessions may be requested.

Study Requirements

  • Male or female
  • ≥16 years old
  • English speaking
  • At least 3 months post trans-radial amputation
  • Otherwise healthy with no neurological disorders


If you meet the study requirements and are interested in participating, please contact Michael Twardowski at (508) 545-8206 or for more information.


Provided on an hourly basis at $20/hr, plus ground transportation.


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