Joshua Kline, PhD

Joshua C. Kline, PhD

President of Altec
Vice President of Delsys

Altec, Inc.
Delsys, Inc.

Dr. Joshua C. Kline has been an industry leader in the Human Movement Sciences for more than 10 years advancing innovation, scientific rigor and translational research from concept towards meaningful healthcare solutions. Leveraging the careful mentorship of Professor Carlo J. De Luca throughout his doctoral training, and building upon decades of translational innovation at Altec, Inc, Joshua has committed to growing a diverse R&D program with projects spanning the fields of rehabilitation robotics, neural interfaces, speech language processing, biomechanics and motor control. Prioritizing the institution over individual success, he has cultivated a young, talented and multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists alongside internationally-recognized advisors and collaborators that together have seeded new areas of scientific and technical discovery with both academic impact and translational value. Joshua’s leadership of these efforts will continue to bridge the deep roots of Altec’s foundation with the engineering rigor, individual mentorship and bold vision for exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

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