Gianluca De Luca

Gianluca De Luca

President of Delsys

Delsys, Inc.

Gianluca has been with Altec since its inception in 1997, and has been a consistent member of the R&D program of the company. He has been working with wearable sensors and biomedical instrumentation for 25 years, and has lead varieties of funded research programs through successful completion and commercialization. These achievements were recognized alongside Altec’s founder, Professor Carlo J. De Luca, with the prestigious Roland Tibbets Award given by the Small Business Administration to small companies that exemplify technical innovation and successful commercialization. Aside from cultivating translational opportunities for Altec’s IP, Gianluca’s core research interests include the development of useful and pragmatic wearable sensor technology that can have a measurable impact on healthcare and quality of life.

Research Interests

  • Low noise, low profile, skin surface neural detection methods
  • wireless communication strategies for wearable sensors
  • microminiature fabrication methods for wearables
  • body movement quantification and analysis
  • wearable sensor applications for health sciences and human performance

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